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First Drummer of Gwalior
Became First Guitarist of Gwalior in 1967

Shri Ajeet S Bhadoria started his stage life from 1966, Late Shree Vasudeo Desai Ji his first Guru introduced him on stage as a singer, he performed and got very high success as a singer in so many Cities and States of India.

He learned Drums too by his own, he learned Drum Set by Bicycle Spokes on Empty water tank and Kitchen Pots and then he arranged and hires a drum set from a local Band and Played on stage in a show and become first Drummer of Gwalior in 1966.

Then he learned and introduced First time Hawaiian Guitar in Gwalior City and become “First Hawaiian Guitarist” of Gwalior in 1967. Read more...

मेरी कहानी मेरी जुबानी

  • A Guitarist
  • A Drummer
  • A Music Composer
  • A Writer

My Family

An Introduction
Kumkum Singh
My wife Kumkum Singh is dedicated musician and also she is Singer, Radio Artist, Choreographer and Composer. She has started her stage life in 1964.She has performed many programs.
Parivesh Singh
Music Director, Mumbai
My son Parivesh singh did hard work and struggle in Film industry of Mumbai and established himself as a well-known Music director, He started his own Music recording studio in Mumbai.
Manisha Singh Mullik
Fashion Designer
My Daughter Manisha Singh Mullik is a Fashion designer, and she did hard work and struggle in her Profession, And she is now a very successful and well-known fashion designer.

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